****** held at 3900 Garden Drive - (Oak Room) Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point Garden, Lehi ******

Friday, June 9

10:00 am  - Sustainable Plants for your Landscape
~ Sandy Vernon, Utah County USU Extension

Would you like a beautiful landscape without using a lot of water? Do you wish you didn't have to give some of your plants so much special care and attention? Are you at a loss as to what trees, shrubs and perennials to plant in your garden? Come and learn about great plants and sustainable designs for Utah landscapes.

11:00 am  - Avoiding Pests and Diseases in your Landscape
~ Meredith Seaver, Utah County USU Extension

Have spider mites and aphids been a problem in your trees and shrubs? Do your petunias wilt and turn yellow even though you've watered and fertilized? Did squash bugs destroy your pumpkin patch last year? Or maybe you're tomato plants started out great and then turned yellow and dried up before you got any tomatoes? In this class we'll talk about strategies for managing or preventing disease and pest problems in your yard and garden.

Saturday, June 10

8:00 am  - Beautiful Container Gardens
~ SueAnn Cochran, USU Extension Master Gardener

Love beautiful flowers but don’t have the space to grow them in your yard? Come and learn about great plant combinations for beautiful containers. SueAnn will share design principles plus tips for keeping your containers looking great all season long.

9:00 am - Companion Planting Vegetables in a 20 inch Container
~ Mathew Jentzsch, Sun Grove Horticulture

Are you interested in learning to grow vegetables in a new way?  Or maybe you don't have room for a traditional vegetable garden. Mat will teach us how to get the most out of growing vegetables in your containers (not flowers).  He regularly grows - 40 lbs. of tomatoes, 40 radishes, 40 carrots, 2-3 cuttings of swiss chard and/or lettuce, and 20 cucumbers - All within one 20 inch container!