2017 Gardens

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Domonique loves to create her own fantasies in her garden. She wants to be in the mountains but she can’t, so she brings the mountains close to her home. You’ll feel the serenity of the mountains as you start to relax, smell the wonderful plants and flowers everywhere and then hear the moving water.

Neal and Domonique have created a unique place for outdoor living, with a pizza oven in the back yard and a pool shaped like a mountain lake. Wild sage grows at the back of the pool where nothing else would grow. Rocks throughout the landscape help to continue the mountain theme, with granite rocks around the fire pit that they call “Stonehenge.”

On the northeast side of the lot, past the pool, is a garden that was inspired by the pioneers that settled Utah. There are fruit trees, including an espaliered fruit tree, and espaliered evergreens. This is also the perfect place for a vegetable garden.

Domonique has maintained a sense of surprise in the garden. Wherever you walk, you’ll come to a curve and then be treated to a view of something new.