USU Horticulture Help Desk

A decade ago the first Japanese beetle in Orem was found and identified by a USU/Utah County Horticulture Assistant. Thanks to that early detection and identification, Utah successfully eradicated that population of beetles, saving our state’s nursery and fruit production industries millions of dollars in continuing pest management costs. This resource continues to benefit county residents and communities in many ways.

The Horticulture Desk is staffed by horticulturists and plant/pest diagnosticians who are experienced in assisting local residents who have lawn, garden, orchard and general landscape questions. Guidance from the Horticulture Assistants at the Desk helps to conserve our limited water and minimizes the use of pesticides while teaching the safest and most effective way to use them, if needed. They also provide detailed information and advice on non-chemical methods of controlling pests, plant diseases and weeds.

Horticulture Assistants also help residents who are concerned that they may have found bedbugs or lice in their homes by providing accurate identification of the pests and advice on the best and safest methods of control and prevention. Residents who are concerned about other insects and spiders can have those pests identified at the Desk, as well.

Thousands of people receive help each year by taking advantage of the Horticulture Help Desk.

Funding is needed to continue to provide this valuable resource. A large portion of the funding comes from ticket sales for the Hidden Garden Tour. We thank you for your support!