Learn how others create beautiful but surprisingly easy to maintain yards. With so many locations, you cannot help but find something new to try and enjoy the time with friends and family.

-Taun B

Attending the Hidden Garden Tour has become a family tradition for me and my sister. It's a regular girls' day out for us, and we have religiously attended for the past 8 years. Some of the gardens on the tour are newer, with amazing water features. Some gardens are dedicated to grandchildren, and some are perfect for wedding receptions.  

 -Liz B

I loved the hidden garden tour...I got so many ideas for my own gardens. 


My sister was here from California and the Hidden Garden Tour was the hit event during her visit...It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to this event in future years.


We make it a family event. My children love it as much as I do and we have attended for many years.


I have enjoyed going to the gardens every year! Sometimes it is such a surprise as to what creative gardening you will find in the backyards of some homes. These gardens are so inspiring no matter if they are large or small.


Our favorites are always the old-fashioned gardens, with large shade trees and lots of perennial flowers. The owners have lovingly maintained their yards for decades, and the love shows!  

 -Liz B

USU Extension Photo